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Whether you're looking to start yoga, deepen your practice or keep up whilst on holiday, come along to one of my yoga classes. Groups are small (6 to 12 maximum) allowing me to work closely with each student to ensure a thorough understanding of the postures.


Inspired by the philosophy and work of Vanda Scaravelli, the style of yoga I practise and teach will make you strong, supple and balanced, both mentally and physically.


As we listen to the body and mind, working with them instead of against them, we can achieve dramatic results. As Scaravelli said: “be kind to your body; it will respond in an incredible way.”  

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"Over the last few years as I've developed my practice I've enjoyed many benefits; physical strength and flexibility, less illness and more focus and peace of mind. And Faye's style of teaching has been central to that; meaning that whatever level you are you do what you can and feel that you're learning. I've had many teachers over the years and Faye is by far my favourite."


"Faye is a wonderful yoga teacher. She is sensitive to the needs of her pupils and approaches her yoga practice and teaching with humility, softness and a sense of grounding."


"Providing consistently great classes, the warm, friendly and adorable Faye is an experienced, knowledgeable and natural teacher. Her Scaravelli style of yoga is kind and gentle to the body, although my body works harder than ever in class because Faye places the importance on ‘the journey’ or the practice itself and not the finished asana."